Remy Cogghe (Flemish, 1854 - 1935). Born in Mouscron in the Belgian province of Hainaut, Cogghe attended the Academy of Roubaix where he studied under Constantin Mils. In 1876, Cogghe was admitted to the École Nationale et Spéciale des Beaux-Arts of Paris where he studied in the studio of Cabanel. In 1880, Cogghe won the Grand Prize of Rome for depicting the fight of the Belgians against Julius Caesar. After winning the Grand Prize, Cogghe traveled for five years visiting Barcelona, Florence, Tunisia, and Algeria, before settling down in Roubaix. A renowned draftsman, Cogghe is famous for the truthfulness that he brought to his painting. This painting is a wonderful example of Cogghe's ability to attentively observe each detail while painting en plein air.