Britt Spencer is a Savannah based artist who has been pumping out paintings and other such nonsense for the better part of a decade. He has had five solo exhibitions; both nationally and internationally. He has also been invited to participate in various group exhibitions and has won entry into various juried exhibitions. 

"Impotent Narratives" is a series of paintings that explore passive storytelling. Spencer maintains the look of narrative without being concerned at all with a linear path towards communication. The work is purposefully evasive and thereby counter-illustrative. In the end, they have the structure of story but no ability to get the audience anywhere meaningful. 

The starting content of each painting in this series is influenced largely by relationship issues between adults and children. Namely the collision of reason and wonder, expectation and responsibility, fatalism and free will. Along the way, Spencer abandons this now flattened inspiration and drifts into formalistic concerns, concentrating on line, shape, color, etc.